Personalized Insta Photo Posters with Squared One

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so a photo poster must be priceless!

Sharing my review of Squared One, the online photo lab where you can print and decorate your space with your own Instagram photos.


I had been admiring Squared One for about a year now and was really excited to finally work with them! They are an online company offering many ways to print and display your images from Instagram or just digital images you have. On their website you can select from the following categories: Retro Prints, Wall Art, Photo Books or Photo Magnets. I have been looking to get some more personalize wall decor so I was immediately drawn to their Insta Photo Poster which is one of the Wall Art options. All Insta Photo Posters are 19 3/4” by 27 1/2” or 50cm by 70cm and can feature either 35 or 70 images.


I was able to create two beautiful posters and decided to make one dedicated to my bunny Riley and the other one is a collection of my travels throughout Europe. In order to make the photos cohesive, I first selected the ones I wanted, cropped them all into squares and then used Lightroom to edit them with a similar preset. On Squared One, you first need to add all of the photos you would like to use and then it will show you a preview with them randomized. I then went through and rearranged the photos. For my Europe poster I tried to split up the colors so I did not have too many blue photos next to each other etc. For Riley’s poster I rearranged the images so that there was a good mixture of close-ups and zoomed out photos on each row and that she was not leaning the same direction in two photos that were placed next to each other.


The posters ended up being the same exact dimensions as my Mapiful poster so I used the same IKEA frame for all 3. I never realized how hard it is to find a frame with these dimensions so to save you all the hassle, here is the link to the one I purchased for under $15 each.


Overall I was extremely pleased with how these turned out! The photos are crisp, colorful and high quality! Right now I have them hanging up around my apartment and got a TON of compliments on them from everyone who visits. The posters are my personal favorite however I did ordered some wall squares as an anniversary gift to my parents which looked great as well (Sorry I do not have any photos of these as my parents would probably be so mad if they knew their photos were floating around the Internet haha).

Everything from Squared One would make a great gift or decoration for your place. The posters by themselves could be great to display images of a kid, pet, loved one or a trip. If you have any questions about the process, please let me know!! Also if you do order something, tag me so I can see what you got!

{If you want to know more about my bunny model Riley, check out this blog post I wrote about her here}

Lloyd Local

Shopping Local this Holiday Season with Lloyd Center’s Lloyd Local Initiative


This holiday season, I paired up with Lloyd Center to introduce their Lloyd Local movement! Growing up, Lloyd Center was the mall closest to my house and I have many fond memories there. It is where I took ice skating lessons, where I have gotten all of my piercings and where I would head at midnight to wait for the release of the newest Harry Potter book. Therefore when Lloyd Center reached out about their newest initiative, I was excited to be a part of it! The Lloyd Local movement is a new thing this year starting just in time for the holidays!


What is Lloyd Local?

Lloyd Local is a new initiative starting this year where a wide range of local businesses are doing pop-up shops throughout the mall. The local businesses range from restaurants to plant shops to clothing boutiques and several will remain past the holiday season.

When it comes to holiday shopping, I love being able to go to one place, on one day and check off the majority of my shopping list. In the past, I have had to divide up my Christmas shopping into a trip to the mall and then many trips to all of the local businesses around Portland that I want to buy gifts from. By having both local and larger stores in the mall, I am able to do more of my shopping during one trip while also supporting local entrepreneurs.


What Businesses are Included?

Adorn/Rachelle M/Gild Shoes

Animal. Plant. Mineral

B Store


Bricks ‘n Minifigs

CBD World

Cracked Pots

Cultural Blends

Five O’ Tree


Migration Brewing’s Burger Shack

My People’s Market/Pallet42

Portland Pedal Power/MUJI

Reis & Irvy’s

Seven Virtues


Sock It To Me

Stubborn Stiles


Xray Radio

The Lloyd Local Incubator (rotates different businesses)

{I’ve tagged all of the Instagram accounts so just click on the name to check them out!}

For more information on Lloyd Local and all the fun events coming to Lloyd Center this holiday season, check out Lloyd Center’s website and follow along on Instagram.

You can also shop this outfit and many others here.


[This post is sponsored. Photographs by Shauna Dullanty and Linnea Havener]