Incorporate Your Summer Jumpsuit into Your Fall Wardrobe



Although October in Portland has actually been quite sunny and warm, it is still getting a bit too cold for those sundresses, shorts and summer jumpsuits. Just because the weather is changing, does not mean you have to buy an entirely new closet! As someone who is really into affordable fashion pieces and trying to save money when it comes to staying on trends, I am always trying to find new items that I can combine with items I already own. This past summer I finally jumped onto the jumpsuit bandwagon and added some great pieces to my wardrobe. It is now officially autumn but I still want to wear them! I started playing around with the other items in my closet and came up with the following combinations to pair with your summer jumpsuit to make it suitable for colder weather. I'll be using one of my favorite jumpsuits from this summer to show these different outfit combinations. (All outfit details are mentioned at the bottom on the post)




Jumpsuits are actually a great transition piece since they have long pants already. The first combination I tried reminded me of what I used to wear back in middle school which was tank tops layered over shirts. I've been really into turtlenecks so I paired this gingham jumpsuit with one of my basic black turtleneck shirts. You can also layer your jumpsuit over a short sleeve shirt, blouse and even sweater for a similar look. This outfit best works with The one flaw with spaghetti strap jumpsuits although I have seen people layer strapless and halter jumpsuits over shirts as well.




This look is honestly probably the easiest since most people already own a jacket and if you get too hot, you can easily take the jacket off. Here I paired my jumpsuit with a pink faux leather moto jacket which is great for when it is not too cold outside but you just need a light layer. The great thing about this look is that it will work with any jumpsuit whether it has sleeves or not!





This is one of my favorite ways to warm up my summer jumpsuit. Fall is the perfect season for sweater weather so not only will you be warm and cozy, you can also easily add new colors to the pant portion of your jumpsuit. I have been loving chenille sweaters this season so I paired this pullover chenille sweater with my jumpsuit for the above look. You can also throw on a cropped sweater or a turtleneck sweater. If it is extra chilly, pairing a jacket over your sweater can be a great way to add an additional layer.




In the back of my dresser, I found several crop tops that I have not worn in a while since I no longer like showing my midriff. The great thing about layering these crop tops over my jumpsuit is that my stomach is still covered even when I raise my arms! By layering different crop tops over the same jumpsuit, you can acquire many different looks. The style of crop top you use does depend on your style of jumpsuit. For example, if the top of your jumpsuit has embellishments or is really loose and flowy, you probably want to stay away from tight crop tops since all of that extra fabric might look a bit bumpy under a tight shirt. You can definitely pair your jumpsuit with any sleeve length of crop top as well. I personally don't own any long sleeve crop tops so I had to settle for this fun fall colored short sleeve top.


The waist of your jumpsuit also plays an important part when deciding what hemline you want. A top that hangs past your waistline can look good depending on the length but be careful when wearing a top that ends higher than the waist of your jumpsuit. You want a shirt that hits at the same spot or maybe a little higher like mine does in this outfit. That way it will look more like a shirt and pant outfit with a clear definition of where your waist is. It was also chilly when I wore this so I added a longer cardigan for a little extra warmth but you could also add more layers by wearing it with a jacket or a scarf and hat.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions on ways to wear your jumpsuit in colder weather. Thanks for reading!


Romper - Honey Punch Relaxed Cami Jumpsuit in Gingham

Turtleneck - Forever21 Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater in Black

Clogs - Lotta from Stockholm Highwood Clog in Black Natural 

      You can also purchase from their website directly here

Faux Leather Jacket - BLANKNYC (Very similar version can be found here and on sale!)

Sweater - Mossimo Cropped Chenille Pullover in Gray

Mules - BP Milo Loafer Mule in Black

Crop Top - Forever21

Cardigan - BP by Nordstrom

Sandals - Salt Water Sandals by Hoy in White